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Z1-d Ultra, Robo Z1-DM, Z1-DS, Z1-X, and Z1-D Plus Personal Electric Transporters for Kids and Adults

5 Versions Available including the z1-d plus
In Business since 2013

z1-d Ultra

The z1-d Ultra is the Best Value for the Money with a price of only $2399.00 with Free USA and Europe Shipping.  All other Countries will need to confirm with us that there are no extra shipping charges to your country.

The z1-d Ultra comes with 2 Batteries for up to 50 miles on a charge, 19 inch tires, and Blue Tooth Speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes right through the Transporter.

Black z1-d ultra ( See Handlebar and Front of Transporter )

The z1-d Ultra is now More Waterproof than ever before with the highest water proof rating available.  The z1-d ultra is the second most dependable personal transporter we offer coming in second only to the z1-d plus.  The z1-d Ultra or Plus is the way to go, all the others are really cheap and not nearly as Durable and Dependable. 

Grey z1-d Ultra ( See Handlebar and Front of Transporter )

For more Information, Specs and a Video Visit our Roboscooters Site Below 

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Z1-X Segway Alternative

We now offer a Z1-X segway alternative for kids and adults for $1899 with FREE USA shipping.  The z1-x electric scooter has a 72v lithion Ion Battery, 2 x 800 watt motors and is a little cheaper made with not as good packaging or as well built as the z1-d or z1-d plus but works the same off of balance just like a segway does.  The buy it now button is just below for this particular transporter.  These transporters look the same as the z1-d but are not the same and do not come from the same manufacturer. 

We wanted to offer the Z1-X as a cheaper option, although we do not Recommend them over some of our others.  If there are any problems with the Z1-X or any other transporter we offer at roboscooters we offer a hands down 100% usa warranty.  We are based in NC right on the NC, SC line in a small town called Laurel Hill. ( Close to where they used to have the nascar races ) and offer repairs and warranty service. 

The Z1-X has the same specifications as the z1-dm except for the motor power ( z1-x has 2 x 800 watt motors, the z1-dm has 2 x 1000 watt motors )  The z1-x is a little cheaper made than the z1-dm with cheaper packaging and is not made exclusively for roboscooters. 

Delivery takes between a week and a half to 3 weeks for all our Segway style scooters to arrive at your door steps after you order.  If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call, text, email or live chat with us.  We are always here Before, During and After your purchase should you ever need us for anything.

FREE USA Shipping

1-910-373-3017 ( Call or Text )


Z1-D Plus Electric Scooter for Kids and Adults

( Made for USA Safety Standards and Exclusively for ) 

Click Below for more information and lots of videos on the  z1-d Plus with 4000 watt motors, 21 inch tires, a lower center of gravity with external axles and USA Custom Servos and Motors. 

The z1-d plus is made exclusively and soley for roboscooters with only the highest quality electronics and material available.  The z1-d plus has turn signals, emergency lights, backing lights, break lights and comes with a full 1 year usa warranty by Roboscooters in NC. ( We service what we sell )

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Robo Z1-DS  Segway Style Scooter
4000 Watts ( 2 X 2000 Watt Motors )

The Z1-DS has the same specifications as the Z1-DM except for the Z1-DS has 4000 watts of power,  a lower center of gravity with external axles ( 2 x 2000 watt motors ) and is slightly cosmetically different.  The Z1-DS has a 72v lithium ion battery and is made to roboscooters specifications with USA servos and Motors.

The z1-ds still has 19 inch tires but has a lower center of gravity like the z1-d plus that we offer and is made exclusively and soley for roboscooters with our choice picked motherboards and servos. 


FREE USA Shipping

1-910-373-3017 ( Call or text )


Robo Z1-DM Personal Electric Transporter 
( One year USA Warranty by Roboscooters in NC )

" Not Made by Segway "

 **  Z1-DM Video At Bottom in USA **

Z1-DM At the Beach

Introducing the all new Sexy Segway Style Robo Z1-DM Personal Electric Transporter. The Robo Z1-D is not a Segway for sale.,  This personal Electric transporter was made with the outdoor man/woman in mind and to our Specifications at Roboscooters with usa motors and servos.

As you will see from the videos in the site the off Road personal transporter will go just about anywhere that you could possibly want to go including Cruising over large Boulders,  Rough Terrain, Deep Snow and Steep Slopes.

Video Below of the Z1-dm in Action

* Another Video at the Bottom *


Many Playful Colors to Choose From

The Z1-DM has a Million Uses and can Save you A ton of money if your Seriously interested in purchasing a Quality Personal Transporter,  but would just rather not spend that kind of money for a Segway Personal Transporter. 

Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Silver, and Blue Available

 ( Getting Ready for Final Assembly and Quality Control )

 Wholesale Prices Available by Bulk

The all New and Improved Robo Z1-DM has Imported Motors from the USA and Servo Drives for Optimal Performance.  The Frame and Rims on the Z1-D are made out of a light weight Magnesium Allow Metal with Shock Resistant Tires. The Robo-Z1 D is also waterproof  and even comes with a remote control with three speeds, a tow function and a built in AntiTheft System.  

CE, NQA, FCC, ROHS, & UL Certifications
 Strictly Follows the Standards of ISO9001 as well

The Whole Z1-dm is water proof: The Central Control Console, the steering axle and the motor,  all have waterproof o-rings.  The charge port now has a waterproof hood as well.  
The Led Display is also water proof and Displays mph, mileage remaining on charge and battery voltage. Two Speeds and not Three speeds on the updated Version.

Z1-D Personal Transporter at the Beach

Very Sexy, Dependable and Durable

The Z1-D comes in many Stylish Colors 

The New Robo Z1-D Boasts 2 - 1000 watt Powerful DC  Brush Motors for a total of 2000 Watts of Jaw Dropping Power Battery is now a 72v lithion ion ) The Robo Z1-D has an upgraded Motherboard, Imported Motors ( Made by the USA ) , DC Servo Drives and has been upgraded with 4 sensors under each pedal for the safest ride ever.

( If you Reach the safe Speeding limit on the Robo Z1-D an Alarm will sound and you will feel the Steering column Gently pull you back to keep you from over speeding )

The Z1-D has an all new Led Lighting System ( may slightly differ from the video Below )  and is made with a Lighter weight Waterproof Aluminum Allow frame.  The Z1-D also has Adjustable height.

The Transporter has a built in power level indicator, weights about 135 lbs, comes with 19" Sexy Dirt Grabbing Tires, Led Lights on the front and back, a Remote Control Towing Function, and now has 2 speeds instead of 3 for the updated version.  

The Z1-D Personal Transporter is very versatile over many Different Types of Terrain ( Including Snow and Massive Rocks...see Video below ) The Z1-D Transporter may look similar to the Segway x2 but is not associated with the Segway Brand in any way.

Waterproof Throughout Including a Waterproof Charging Port

Close Up of the Updated Version

** Optional Storage Boxes  $139.00 Extra **

If you're Interested in Reselling the Z1-D Personal Transporter Contact US

The Z1-D Personal Transporter is just as Durable, Dependable and Safe as the More Expensive segways for sale, and is a really good segway style Personal Transporter Alternative for the money. 

Compare the segway x2 price to the price of Our segway style Z1-d Alternative Today. ( See Specs and Video Below )  When you order two or more Robo Z1-d's you receive $150 Off Each Transporter. Contact us for Details and to get the payment request for Two. 

72v lithion Ion Batteries... Only $2598 Total
Ask us for the Payment request. 

" Don't Ride Alone "
Save $300 on Two z1-d's


Free USA Shipping

Specifications Below

Net Weight                           45  kg  99 lbs without Fenders.  135 lbs with fenders and racks 
Dimension                             85*58*45 cm     33.4" X 22.8" X 17"
Max cruise speed                 20km/h or about 12.5 mph ( 3 speeds )  
Max load                             125 kg or 275 lbs
Max. Mileage                       30-35 km or 18 - 22 miles ( After Fully Charging )
Max climb capability             30 degree  
Min turning radius                  0   

Charging time                       8 h-10 h ( Completely Dead )
Battery                                 Lithion Ion 72v

Ask for the Payment Request for two z1-d's

Power                                  Two Imported DC Motors, DC servo drives  Voltage  100v -240v    

Max Power                         2000 watts (2*1000 w/pc) (72v Lithion Ion 2 X 1000 w/pc 2000 watts)   

Lifetime of battery             ( 72V Lithion Ion 3 - 5 Years )  

Tires                                    19*7-8inch shock-absorb tire   

Wheels                                 Superior Integrated Aluminum Magnesium alloy   

Height of handle                  80-110 cm adjustable or   31.4" to 39.37"   

Height of footplate                10" off the ground or 26cm     

Specification of footplate       11.5×25 in / 16×40 cm   

Ground Clearance                 13 cm or 5"    

Standard Pressure                 250 kpa   

Overall Max Height               39. 7 " + 10" Pedal Height, 49.7" with Maxed out Adjustment

Certificates                           CE , ROHS, UL, NQL & FCC  

Robo Z1-D Showing what it Can Really Do Below!!.................................

The Z1-D Transporters are usually Delivered within two weeks of purchase but can take a little longer in rare cases. Please contact us if you have any questions or Concerns about the Z1-D Before you order. We are Here Before, During and After Your Purchase.

Free USA Shipping, all other Countries will need contact us about the Shipping Cost.  There are no Import fees on the Z1-D to the usa, all others will need to contact there local government or customs to see if there is an import charge or fee. ( If from Anywhere besides the USA Import Charges are your Responsibility )

After we receive your Confirmed Payment we will send you a confirmation of payment received email from roboscooters within 24 hrs and ask you to confirm your shipping address, Color Choice and phone number for the shipper.

" Don't Ride Alone "

Save $300 on a 2 unit Purchase
 Total of $4896.00

Free Shipping

Contact us for the Payment Request 

Free USA Shipping